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35 and Thirty Fine

As I draw nearer and nearer to my birthday (I'm about 2 weeks out) I begin to reflect more and more on what my intentions are for myself at this age and what I consider to be something fun to do for my birthday. My intention is to bring a balanced sense of wellness to all, literally to their homes. In my initial developmental phases I will use my social media platform to hand deliver whole body wellness. But, the overall goal is to create a environment were customers can order a personalized workout to their home (similar to Uber Eats or Door Dash - the food). As far as what I consider to be fun, I usually tell people all I do is work and workout. That is pretty accurate lol. Don't get me wrong I like to do other things too (spend time with my family, watch/play sports, etc.) but mostly I honestly do just work and workout. It's kinda who I am at this point of my life. So I'm combining those 2 things, my intentions and something fun, for my birthday I'm going to live stream a HIIT workout for my birthday.

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