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Pretty Hurts

Warm Up

High Knee March (20)

Body Weight Squats (10)

Forward Lounges, alternating (8, each side)

Jog in Place (30 sec)

Lateral Shuffle (30 sec)

Strength Training (25 min)

Jump Rope (50)

Split Jumps (20)

Burpees (5)

Rest (30 sec)

Jump Rope (50)

Split Jumps (20)

Burpees (5)

REPEAT until time expires

Abs/Core (5 min)

Full Sit Ups (1 min)

Rest (30 sec)

Russian Twist (1 min)

Rest (30 sec)

Rocky Sit Ups (1 min)

Cardio (20 min)


Stretch/Cool Down

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