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Revaluation over Resolution

I don’t usually speak too much on my personal life, but thought it was important for others who may also be struggling with something to hear my story.

2019 was a 12 round battle for me, in all areas of my life. It begin to feel like whenever something positive would happen, I would once again be punched right in the gut and knocked down. I had become so jaded and bitter with nearly everyone in my life. Because, I felt as though, I had been so much to everyone else and couldn’t queit understand why they couldn’t be that for me. I still got up every day and worked tirelessly, 15-18 hr days, because I refused to let effort (on my part) be another thing I was losing at.

It was around mid-November when I made a choice to stop viewing all my Ls as Loses and to start viewing them more as Lessons. Life lessons that I could learn and grow from. The great Joel Osteen says “you find your biggest blessings in the darkness”. Well I have walked the darkest alleys in 2019 and been tested both personally and professionally.

Around that timeframe I also begin to shift all that Bitterness and started to focus on Betterness. I begin to see how all the 2019 Lessons were preparing me for all the 2020 Blessings that are in store for me. I’m coming into 2020 with a purpose and a vengeance. I’m declaring victory in advance, knowing I will get back everything I lost, 10x fold.


Never judge a book by its cover, you will be amazed what some people are actually going through in their lives. Also, choose kindness everyday, you never know what it could mean to someone else.

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