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How about them Gamecocks 🏀

The South Carolina Gamecocks Women’s Basketball Team is the only undefeated D-1 basketball team in all of collegiate sports, men or women. And personally, I don’t think they get enough credit. They are winning at an unprecedented fashion and they are doing it with a total revamp of their 2023 roster. Kamilla Cardoso (a projected 1st road WNBA draft pick) is the only remaining player from the Gamecock’s 2022 Championship Team.

So why aren’t the gamecocks getting their flowers?

  1. Is it because of the disparity in publicity between men’s and women’s sports?

  2. Is it because Dawn Staley is the goat and the expectation is for her to always win?

  3. Is it because of the flasher names this year in Women’s Basketball (Caitlin Clark, Angela Reese, Juju Watkins)?

I would argue all of the above. Although, the narrative to the first question is being rewritten. Women’s collegiate sports have broken numerous attendance and televised viewer records in the last 2 years. In large part due to the people like the ones referenced in questions two and three, a legend and a handful of superstars.

As we approach March Madness be sure to give the nation’s only undefeated collegiate team their flowers. Watch the South Carolina Gamecocks Women’s Basketball Team (they will not disappoint). But most importantly be sure to support women’s sports.

Jocelyn C. Thomas


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