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Updated: May 20, 2020

Good morning future legends, and happy Monday. I wanted to take the time out to introduce myself to some of the new and faithful followers:

My name is Jocelyn Thomas. But I’m usually called CPT Thomas (hence the pic). The picture above represents me fully, it shows were I am and were I’m trying to go.

I have a handsome nearly 3 yr old son, Legend, that means the absolute world to me. That’s were the name Legendary Health and Fitness derives from.

I’m a native of Montgomery, AL. I currently live in Temple, TX. The Army has taken me all over the world and back. But, the Gump, will always be home to me.

I am a happy member of the LGBT community, I find that import to say because there was once a time when I was not allowed to say it.

I am a big people person. Most of the things I do in life are influenced by how great I think it will make others feel. Team selfless over team selfish all day everyday.

I am currently a Company CDR on Fort Hood, TX. It is the most rewarding and demanding job you can imagine. And I love every minute of it!! I have been in the Army now nearly 16 yrs. I like to think I don’t look it lol. But somedays I do truly feel it.

I love whole body wellness for so many different reasons. Mostly because of how it makes me feel and how it allows me to impact others. I have always been pretty physically fit but I associate wellness as much more than how I look on the outside. I care much more about how I feel inside. Which makes a difference of what I put in my body (vegan) and what I choose to let in my spirit (positive vibes only).

I use this platform to help educate my followers on the importance of finding their center of wellness- all is well within yourself. This is done by finding the right balance of creating a healthy mindset, a healthy diet, and a healthy fitness regiment.

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